Week 9 – Gratitude Sprouts Growth

This week, I’m featuring a great blog from one of my classmates, Dennis Goff.  You can find his blog at http://masterkey.peakboomers.com/

And with no further adieu…………..

Gratitude unfolds quickly.  I knew this adventure was about retraining my brain – what I didn’t know was my emotions would bubble up (and over) as I immersed myself in the wisdom of the ages from Haanel, Mandino, Emerson, Hill (and even youngsters like Mark &  Devene). 

Think!  OK, I can do that.  Now add feeling to the thought. Well, that’s a little harder.  Follow your heart to uncover your purpose.  Now, that’s not easy!  But it’s essential for growth and once you get it nailed… it inspires you to take action.  

When you take inspired action, the results are always predictable…

Seems easy eh?  It’s NOT!

Musings this week with my MKMMA Experience have a different twist…

Think DifferentlyThe past 3 lessons from Haanel have tied together Ideation, Visualization and Manifestation with clarity and outlined exactly how attain the results we want in life. 

Since it’s a universal law and perfectly predictable (with practice), I’m wondering, where has my head been for the last decade? 

Good question… 

Only one answer works: “Get over it and move on”.
Think differently, take different action, get different results. 

Thanks Einstein! I get it!  Not insane tho’-  maybe a little crazy according to my favourite pirate.

“If we we­ren’­t all a little crazy we’d­ go insane…”  – Jimmy Buffet

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I admit it’s been hard work shutting out all the distractions to focus my thoughts on this course material, but I’ve been persistent (or maybe it’s my stubbornness) with the exercises and it’s working. Habits not serving me have been replaced with new activity to launch me towards my goals and this new activity is slowly transforming into good habits.

My new best friend Og Mandino would love me for this ‘cuz…

It’s exactly as Mandino and Haanel predicted. Imagine that!

Do Affirmations Work?

Let’s face it… self-talk is something we are all good at, right?  After all, since thoughts are cause and results are the effect… our current life is a work of art and science we created with our past thoughts. And who do we have to thank or blame for that?

Yup! the hero or culprit is the guy or gal in the mirror. Anyway you slice it – that’s the truth.

At first I accepted this truth with emotional reluctance because it reveals I am the only one responsiblefor what I am experiencing in my life right now.  And it’s not where I wanted to be at this point in my life.  Of course, I wanted to blame the outside world including the economy and various other circumstances for my results. 

But as I’ve discovered, it’s an inside job. Period.  My self talk from the past had caught up to me.  I manifested precisely the persistent focus of my dominant thoughts.

We all know this little gem tho’ and just don’t want to admit it, because then we’d have to do something about it.  And our ego keeps pulling us back to the comfort zone where results are familiar even if they are what we don’t want. 

affirmationsWhat’s the solution?

Stop listening to the parrot on my shoulder and kick the monkey off my back for starters!

Then start talking to myself with a new vocabulary so I affirm what I want my life to look like on my new blueprint. And keep chipping away at the concrete.

More on the Power of Affirmations in another post. In the meantime… keep adding colour to your life!

Gratitude Grows With Giving

I am grateful for my opportunity to be on this exciting adventure with all of you.

My experiences in the MKMMA course over the past two months have been enlightening and encouraging and prove to me the glimmering light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train.  It’s a shining light from those who have gone before me to embrace this wisdom and are now helping me understand how to implement correct ways of thinking to manifest my true desires.

I’m referring to the bright light shining from caring stalwarts like Mark and Devene, Trish, Derek, the certified guides, the entire digital connection teams and many others in the Alliance who give so much to the community every day.

Thank you all! I appreciate you!

Dennis Goff

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