Week 13 – An MKMMA Chistmas

I hope that everyone has had a blessed holiday season, whatever holiday(s) you celebrate, but for us, it’s all about the birth of a King long ago and far away.

It’s been a tough time in Eastern Oklahoma (and elsewhere) due to crazy weather – record warmth followed by record blasting rain and floods, while others dealt with tornadoes, hail, sleet and copious amounts of ice.

Here at our farm, we had 9.7 inches of rain the weekend following Christmas with flash floods all around.  That’s 1/4 of our “normal” rainfall for the year in just two days.  But normal doesn’t count for much as far as 2015 went as we had nearly double the normal annual rainfall, topping out the year at more than 80 inches!!

So, how does this pertain to MKMMA, you might wonder?  Scroll 3 was particular fitting – I persist.  I win.  Day to day chores were hard to do with that amount of rain (and corresponding mud!!) but one step at a time, we got the animals fed, got the eggs gathered, and we stayed warm and dry when so many did not.

We are focusing on gratitude everyday… and even in the midst of the storm, I can find SO many things for which to be grateful!  Including the fact that we didn’t have to water ANY of the animals.  Hahahaha!

Blessings to you all –


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