Monthly Archives: November 2015

Week 8 — Getting creative!!

I have enjoyed the recent assignments, all designed to get the message “hammered home” through multiple channels into my subconscious.  Writing the “press release” (an interview from the future about looking back at my success)………. the movie poster (a collage of images I want in my future, which match my DMP and “press release”)…… vision board 20151105  and now the recording(s) of me reading my DMP, my blueprint builder, the Law of Giving, etc.  All of these with an instrumental music tract in the background (and all at 60 bmp, the best for subconscious learning!)

I’ve made several recordings and have several more in mind as time allows!  Love this stuff – and I am giving myself lots of pats on the back, which seems fitting since one of my PPNs is “recognition for creative expression”.  Only my husband has seen the poster and heard my recordings, but he gave me positive feedback.  Yay!!

Yesterday, I realized I had another tool at my disposal which I hadn’t used in a long time.  It’s some subliminal message software I bought several years ago from an outfit called “Think Right Now”.  You load affirmations into it and turn it on and while you’re working at the computer, it flashes messages onto the screen – very brief and very transparent, but Subby picks up on them.  So one of my tasks for this week will be to load the software with my DMP, my PPNs, Law of Giving, and my plan of action steps!

It will be interesting to see if Mark J has something like this coming in future weeks, but I’m going to jump the gun if so.  🙂

PS – Mark J wants us to have no TV and no internet this week – so don’t tell him you saw me here!!  LOL!!

Week 7 – The never ending 7 day diet?

The 7 day mental diet is hard work!  Part of the difficulty is just maintaining the viewpoint of the observer.  We simply are not used to examining every thought we have!

My first two days went swimmingly – which was a bit of a surprise, especially when the second day involved a 60 mile trip diagonally across the Tulsa metro area during the worst of rush hour traffic.  Nary a harsh thought toward another driver was quite an accomplishment – and one I silently celebrated.

So what through me off track the worst?  One of our dogs – McKenzie – went out and somewhere on the farm found cockle burrs AND ROLLED IN THEM!!!  In her long fur, that was quite a mess, and one I did not enjoy in the least.

It went like this…. pick out a burr, realize I was entertaining negative thoughts, restart my mental diet.  Pick out a burr, realize I was entertaining negative thoughts, restart my mental diet.  Pick out a burr, realize I was entertaining negative thoughts, restart my mental diet.   It wasn’t long until I realized the futility of restarting in the midst of the burrs…. and that gave me a sense of freedom.  I cussed the dog.  I cussed the burrs. I went into Alliances and posted that I was cussing the dog.  LOL  And then, when I was done picking burrs and cussing the dog under my breath, I was free to start over for real.

I’ve had to restart several times a day since, but am able to keep my sense of humor (even about the burrs)…. but I have to wonder, how long will it take me to make it seven whole days without entertaining a negative thought????

And thus we have the title for this post.  LOL

Week 6 – the toughest week for me so far

I’m not sure exactly why, but this week was SO hard for me.  I didn’t get many of my readings done and felt generally like a failure – Subby rearing her head???

I *did* get my movie poster assignment finished and am extra happy with it – so I guess I’m giving myself recognition for creative expression which is one of my two personal needs.  Get it where ya can!

In other news – I refuse – REFUSE – to quit.  Today, I begin a new life.

Belatedly, Week 5 – Some awesome things are happening

Some people believe in coincidences.  I no longer do – and haven’t for many years.  But even if you do…. the timing of these two instances are awesome and amazing and they defy explanation.

One part of my DMP talks about the classes I teach being a huge success.  I was working in the kitchen one day and was thinking I need to teach a specific class (out of several that I teach) and was pondering where to teach it.  The thought crossed my mind that I should ask a particular acquaintance if she’d be interested in hosting the class.  I’d mentioned the class to her once a long time ago (six months to a year) but we hadn’t talked about it since.  I made a mental note to contact her later that afternoon to see if she would be interested.  But before I could call her, I received a text message from her asking if it would be too much to ask to have me come teach that very class.  No… I don’t think that would be asking too much!  LOL

Another part of my DMP talks about a trip I want to take in January 2017 with my husband and two particular friends.  The two friends have been there before, so I decided to email them to get a photo of them there at Winter Harvest to aid in my visualization of the future trip.  I closed the email only to find that while I’d been typing, an email had come in saying I could reserve a space NOW!  The timing was totally uncanny!!

I can’t imagine what will happen next!!  (and I can’t wait to find out)