Week 2 – You Reap What Subby Sows

A couple of interesting thoughts from this week:

1:  I’ve been living backwards!  I’ve had an expectation that I’d become successful and change the way I think about success.  I realize that sounds stupid, but that’s what I had in my mind.

We don’t plant a cabbage and expect to harvest seeds.  We don’t go to college and expect to learn multiplication tables.  We don’t hold a wedding and expect to meet someone with whom we will build a lifetime.  Nature has a natural progression – seed time and harvest!

So why to we learn to live backwards?  We look at the methods we can see to determine our intention.  Our brains are wired to FIND the methods required to achieve our intention – but most of us live a life of quiet desperation because we don’t harness the power of our minds!

For me, that changes TODAY.

2) Soil is neutral.  I’m not talking pH – I’m talking about the fact that it doesn’t have an opinion about what is planted in it.  Plant weeds, it will grow weeds.  (And for my buddies from the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, yes, I know you prefer to call them “forbes”  LOL)  Plant deadly nightshade, it will grow poison.  Plant roses, it will grow roses.  Plant pumpkins and it will grow pumpkins.

It is also true of our subconscious, known as “Subby” in the MKMMA lingo.  But most of us never examine what is planted in Subby.  Plant fear and you’ll reap fear.  Plant doubt and reap doubt.  Plant determination to succeed and people better get out of the way!

I’m on a 26 week journey of self-discovery.  I’m looking objectively at myself, my habits and my innermost thoughts.  And I’m plowing up the weeds and the nightshade and I’m planting good things, that will nourish my soul – and cause me to succeed.

Today, I begin a new life.

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