Week 1 – Getting started with MKMMA!

Whew!  This is shaping up to be quite a ride!

The concept of having a scholarship paid for by the people before me is unique, and really causes one to take this stuff seriously!  My lifelong fear of failure is RIGHT THERE, just taunting me… but I WILL do this thing.  I MUST do this thing!

My old internal tapes have allowed me to experience success on a small scale, but I’ve tended to self-sabotage.  There has always been an invisible cap on my ability to succeed.  I’m SO ready to rewrite that internal script – or blueprint, as they call it in MKMMA.

After applying for a scholarship and before hearing I’d been accepted I was nervous.  Sunday, before the first webinar, I was nervous.  Tonight, I submitted my 1st draft of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) and now I’m nervous.  LOL  Okay!  Need to relax!  I *can* do this.

Just watch me go!

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