Week 4 – I QUIT!

They told us on the webinar yesterday that this is the week that everyone ends up quitting.  They were right, but not in the way you’re thinking.  Sure – it seems lots of people have quit doing the assignments and decided to languish in their old lives.  But others of us  quit giving this partial effort and are going 100%.  🙂

I’ve done pretty well up to now – far better than any other program I’ve tried for the last many years.  In fact, I’ve really surprised myself!  My old M.O. has been procrastination… putting everything off until the last possible minute.  The surprise to me is that I’ve had EVERY assignment done way before (days before, even) it was due.

What I haven’t done 100% is the reading assignments.  We have a few things that we read from one to three times daily.  Not a new chapter – reading the same thing over and over and over and over.  Did I mention and over?

There’s definitely a PURPOSE to reading the same thing several times a day, but life gets busy – I get tired – and so sometimes I’ve missed a time or two on a day.  The whole point of this class is to reprogram Subby (our subconscious mind) to break the cycles of the past and reprogram ourselves to achieve the life we have dreamed of.  I’ve already seen HUGE progress – like eliminating procrastination and getting stuff done outside of the class as well as the assignments.


Yesterday we got into the SCIENCE of how/why this is necessary and how/why this process works.  GOT IT!  And I realize that the more I read and speak and GET EXCITED, the faster this is going to work and the faster my dreams will come true.  I feel another blog post coming on this soon.

A word here about my Christian faith…  I’ve been a bit reserved about this process because there are some “new age-y” thoughts and words.  Because of some things I’ve seen with unnamed others (not associated with this), who fell into things that sounded good and became deceived, I’ve been very careful to guard my heart and mind against a spirit of deception.  However, I find that I’m fully able to separate the few parts that bother me and just go with the parts of this that are a) supported by the Word and/or b) not in conflict with the Word.  I’ve even started incorporating scripture references into the readings.  Would Baby Christians be as discerning?  I’m not sure and I’m being pretty observant with that question in mind.  I’ll say more about this later, I’m sure.

But in the meantime – I’m putting all my chips in the middle of the felt!

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8 thoughts on “Week 4 – I QUIT!

  1. RexP

    Hello Karen! Now you have a fresh comment! I wonder if the “required fields” keep people from leaving comments?
    Love the baby deer!

  2. Chris

    Karen, first I’m glad you didn’t quite, next I’m here to leave you a comment. I will continue to read your blog and leave more comments. Have a great day and know your heard.

  3. Carol Stewart

    Great post, Karen. Procrastination is one of the things I am eliminating from my life. Someone else mentioned their own addiction to the rush of getting something done at the last minute and how procrastinating sets up that scenario — really rang a bell! The exercises are definitely helping with that — and other things, as well. Keep on winning!
    Carol Stewart recently posted…First postMy Profile

    1. Robert Bishop

      Hi, Karen
      I enjoyed your consternation on the webinar, because it was so familiar. I have to believe a lot of people are just unsure of the activity. I was interested in your Christian comments; as an agnostic, I have actually been drawn to this reasoning, which seems to incorporate or parallel tenets of your philosophy. I have a sister and a new roommate who are both Christians, so I’m sure conversations will result.

      Thank you for your input, and keep up the good work.
      Robert Bishop recently posted…Week 4: Onward and Inward!My Profile

  4. Jana

    Awesome post. As you go along the course, you will find more and more alignment with God principles. Those that permeate every faith and lead to God. The most fabulous part about this course is that is an “a la carte” one. You can take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. Bottom line, it works!!!!



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