Week 14 – We’re on a break! :)

We had a week off from the live webinars and such this week and instead, we were assigned to watch a movie (or two or three) from a prescribed list.

We had a hard time finding some of them, but we found and watched two while we stayed indoors avoiding the floods and mud and muck to the extent possible.

The first was Cool Runnings, about the Jamaican bobsled team getting into the Olympics.  The movie was touching and funny – but showed so clearly the various things we’ve been focused on in the MasterKey Experience!  They had a clear purpose backed by a burning desire.  They developed a plan of action.  They persisted.  They had a mastermind!  They didn’t win – but they were wildly successful anyway.  What an inspiration!

We also watched October Sky, which followed the story of some teens from a coal mining town on their quest to build a rocket (many, actually).  Again, the true story was inspiring, but it once again highlighted the basics of our MasterKey studies.  The young men had a clear purpose and they were all in harmony.  They had a burning desire.  They developed a plan of action and a mastermind group.  Even when things went badly, they were persistent.  One of the best parts of the movie was the “where are they now” clips at the end – showing that each of them had become successful beyond their wildest dreams.  They didn’t say this, but I know that they were successes because they learned to apply the lessons taught them as teens.

Great homework assignment, Mark and Davene!  It was one my husband shared with me and enjoyed as much as I did!

Blessings –


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3 thoughts on “Week 14 – We’re on a break! :)

  1. Shirley Quevedo

    You got this, Karen! I’ve seen both Cool Runnings and October Sky…both wonderful and inspiring stories. Glad your husband joined you. Makes life so much better when you share!


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